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Well well well.


All entries are locked after a week or so because or personal reasons.
Just add me as a friend. I don't bite. 8)

The Ink Arrows [Masterpost]

EVERYTHINGGGGG. Well..close enough.Collapse )

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. The end.

long time, no see

hiiiiiiii. idk if anyone checks back on this journal but it's obvious i'm not active anymore. i'll keep the blog as a fic archive but i'm on ao3 as obsessedmak if you still want to see things i write. that's all. thaaanks. :)


Title: I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to Be Yours
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance
Word Count: ~2700 words
Recipient: lovetoosweet / Beta: eurichan
Author’s note: So I know you had whole plots but my eyes zoomed in on ‘Harry Potter AU’ and ‘established relationship’ so I went with that. I hope you still like it. ♥ Special thanks to all the people who had to listen to me whine about this. P.S. This fic is obviously written by me. The title alone should give me away. Enjoy reading. ;)

Yuto is a Gryffindor chaser. Yamada is a Hufflepuff seeker. They fly around in circles and find each other on land. (feat. Chinen as the Quidditch commentator because of course.)
Title: but don’t move honey (you look so perfect standing there)
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, AU
Word count: ~2500 words
Recipient: yatsuiko_chan
Summary: The fic where time literally stops, Yamada pines for days, and Yuto’s his flatmate and the light of his life.)
Author’s Note: the prompt was ‘something with time travel & drama’ but i somehow turned into time-stopping with angsty pining, oops. thanks to ra for the support, a for beta-ing, re for encouragement & the ending, and the other a who inspired this but will never know. title’s from ‘she looks so perfect’ by 5 seconds of summer. enjoy reading! :)

(Time has always stopped for Yamada whenever he got too emotional. He doesn’t know what to do now that it stops every time Yuto does something.)


Title: T.O.D.B.L.A.L.I.N.W.I.C.T.Y.
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Yamada x Yuto
Summary: This is basically Yamada and Yuto in a band AU + a lot of flirting.
Notes: The full title of this fic is The Only Difference Between Love And Lust Is Nothing When It Comes To You. This fic is obviously inspired by Fall Out Boy songs (especially The Mighty Fall). This is also dedicated to
yatsuiko_chan who is not only, the greatest beta, but also, a great friend. :)

Oh, how the mighty fall in love.Collapse )

Gravity Doesn't Hold Me Like You Do

Title: Gravity Doesn't Hold Me Like You Do
Rating: PG
Paring: Yuto x Yamada
Genre: Romance
Summary: Yuto and Yamada have a specific love story. (This is the gist of it.)
Notes: Whoaa it's been a year? This fic (which was inspired by the song Ho Hey) is a laate birthday gift for nightbaron079. Also, thanks to the lovely re_riko for beta-ing this fic.

I belong with you / You belong with me / You're my sweet(heart)Collapse )

Title: If I Keep This Up, Will You Love Me Forever?
Rating: PG15
Paring: YamaJima
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Notes: This is actually a reaaaally late birthday gift for nightbaron079. The prompt is 5 ways to keep Yamada in love from the ancient yamajima-thon.
\m/ Huge thanks to maplarojcan for beta-ing and supporting my ridiculousness. XD Enjoy the fic!

do you love me? will you love me forever? oh, do you need me?Collapse )

But Soon They'll Take Us Down

Title: But Soon They'll Take Us Down
Rating: PG
Paring: YamaJima
Genre: Hunger Games!AU
Notes: Bwahaha. >3 The Hunger Games movie is out so I made this instead of studying for my exams. Ehe. Title from All The Right Moves by OneRepublic. Haven't written in a long while so it might be rough. If you haven't heard about the book or watched the movie you might want to check this site for facts or a summary. Thanks again to yatsuiko_chan for being "♥♥♥♥". XD Oh, and hi to shiroikazex. 8D

Let's paint the picture of a perfect place. / I know things are looking up but soon they'll take us down.Collapse )

Stuck Inside These Golden Frames

Title: Stuck Inside These Golden Frames [ ASW Graphics]
Pairing: YamaJima
Summary: This is actually a cluster of YamaJima graphics inspired by asofterworld. It's hard to explain but just check it out. You can even request something? I used a bunch of old scans though. Someone update me. XD Enjoy!~

I'd march with decorated soldiers for your pretty eyes to see.Collapse )